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Life, Death & The Space Between

Oct 27, 2022



“You can have your life blow up and be ok.”

          – Rachel Engstrom, author of “Wife, Widow, Now What?”



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How would you feel if you found yourself widowed at age 31? Talk about life giving you a whammy!


Today we talk with Rachel Engstrom - a health education specialist and widow’s advocate, who found herself widowed at age 31. She authored “Wife, Widow, Now What?” with a fresh, witty, and authentic voice.  Her book is an invaluable resource for cancer spouses, and anyone navigating the process of losing a loved one, or supporting a loved one after a loss.  


Listen and learn how to manage the shock of a cancer diagnosis, and how you can keep living through the unthinkable, and still come out okay on the other side.

Topics We Discuss: 

  • [3:38] Rachel dives into her journey meeting, marrying, and later losing her husband.

  • [8:05] How Rachel came to write her book as a guide for someone going through the loss of a spouse, or someone who maybe doesn’t know how to support a loved one suffering a loss. It’s a love story toolbox: logistics around health insurance, disability, talking to their employer, funeral arrangements, life insurance, how to ask for help, and more.

  • [11:25] Rachel discusses how music helped her cope.

  • [15:32] In hindsight, what Rachel would have done differently.


  • [24:36] Amy’s new offering: a spiritual consultation, not a therapy appointment and not a medium reading, but somewhere in between.


  • [27:15]  Rachel discusses her work with -- a new app for supporting grieving people through texts.


  • [29:15] Rachel talks about her life afterward and now: how she got back out in the world, started dating again, and remarried.

  • [32:02]  Working in cancer education to ensure people have the resources they need to get the best treatment possible.


  • [34:16] How Rachel’s relationship to her first husband fits into her life with her new husband.




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Rachel’s book, “Wife, Widow, Now What?” is available on Amazon.  



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