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Life, Death and the Space Between

Dec 2, 2021

Earth is a School with William Wildblood


“After we die we experience that which is a reflection of our own consciousness.” – William Wildblood




Episode Summary:


Do you ever ask yourself, “Why me?” Do you wonder if there is rhyme or reason for the inexplicable things -- the good things and the bad...

Nov 25, 2021



“The universe is always nurturing and provides.”


“Prayer is an important form of meditation -- being at peace with yourself and the universe, beseeching what you would like. Prayer, spiritual, enlightenment, and awakening are so related.”


– neuropsychologist Dr. Lydia...

Nov 18, 2021

Cracking Open Your Tuition with Isabeau Maxwell 



“Your guides will show you exactly what you need, and exactly what you can handle.” – Isabeau Maxwell


“You hear me say this over and over again... The inner work is a BIG piece of this, because if you don't do the inner work, if you don't look at what's...

Nov 15, 2021

Enveloped in Love  – A Ghost Story 


“I recently began sensing my angels and guides again, and I believe there's such love and support for each and every one of us.” – Life, Death and the Space Between podcast Listener



Episode Summary:


A granddaughter shares her experiences growing up as a Christian,...

Nov 11, 2021

THE QUANTUM BRAIN with Dr. Amit Goswami 


“Quantum entanglement aka quantum correlation is the integration of science and spirituality.” – Theoretical Quantum Physicist Dr. Amit Goswami




Episode Summary:


Have you ever wanted to find a bridge between science and spirituality? Does your intuition tell you...