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Life, Death and the Space Between

Sep 17, 2020

Today's episode is with Geoff Thompson; former bouncer, world ranking martial arts guru, and BAFTA-winning screenwriter. His new book, The Divine CEO is a masterclass on how to contract your ego, expand your conscious awareness, and build a powerful internal hierarchy, through mastery of mind, body and senses. For anyone looking to break their negative associations with the world and create a divine covenant with their Greatest Potential (their own internal Chief Executive Officer), this empirical, muscular and direct study of spiritual ascension is the perfect companion. It is the essence of the author's fifty-year apprenticeship in practical spirituality, and high-end Budo martial arts.

In this episode we discuss: 

1)What consciousness means?

2)What is a divine economy? 

3) How a crisis opens you up to consciousness? 

4)What is self sovereignty?