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Life, Death and the Space Between

Aug 19, 2021

Transforming Grief to Growth with Susan Angel Miller 

“Through struggle with adversity, we all have the ability to gain wisdom and growth.”



Episode Summary:


As a parent, can you imagine losing your child? How would you navigate this unthinkable trauma?


In this episode, we talk with Susan Angel Miller, mother, wife and author of a powerful, touching memoir of grief and recovery -- after her seemingly healthy teenage daughter was diagnosed with brain cancer and died within 24 hours. Incredibly, just three years later, she herself was diagnosed with a brain tumor!


Dr. Amy Robbins calls Susan Angel Miller’s book, “Permission to Thrive, My Journey from Grief to Growth” powerful, moving and compelling, and a candid conversation about death, grief and recovery.



We Discuss:

  • Community helping in so many ways. “The community was everything.”
  • There is no wrong way to support someone in grief.
  • The family’s organ donation decision – and the silver lining of meeting the recipient whose life was saved.
  • Every grief story is unique.
  • Gratitude changed everything:seeing what you have as enough.
  • Post traumatic growth – hopefulness, gratitude, enhanced spirituality, wisdom and deeper meaning.



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