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Life, Death and the Space Between

Dec 2, 2021

Earth is a School with William Wildblood


“After we die we experience that which is a reflection of our own consciousness.” – William Wildblood




Episode Summary:


Do you ever ask yourself, “Why me?” Do you wonder if there is rhyme or reason for the inexplicable things -- the good things and the bad things -- that happen to you? Would you like to find meaning in everything that happens to you in your life?


In this episode, we talk with global citizen William Wildblood – BBC writer, antique dealer, and guest house host across locations in the UK, India, and France. His new book “The Earth is a School”, tells us our world is designed to bring human consciousness closer to its divine Source. He tells us every moment and every event holds meaning.


Listen in to understand how William Wildblood views our time spent on earth, as an opportunity to grow spiritually, and ultimately to become closer to our source.



Topics We Discuss:

  • [3:05]  Why William says Earth is a school. Before birth, our soul exists on the other side, a place of bliss, peace, oneness, joy. We come to Earth; a place suffering, pain, challenges and the duality of good/bad. By overcoming those difficulties, we become more conscious spiritual beings, and learn about love.


  • [5:00]  Suffering teaches us about empathy and love. And results in a deeper spiritual love.


  • [8:50]  Differentiating human love with spiritual love. How the love of a parent for a child is closest to divine love.


  • [12:30]  How after death we go to a realm that reflects our consciousness.


  • [17:04]  What a soul experiences when it returns to earth (or returns in part) and begins to experience another incarnation.


  • [20:00]  Children’s awareness of the soul, and a sense that this world is not the only world.


  • [20:55]  William Wildblood’s experiences where his spiritual guides communicated with him over a course of 25 years. Everyone who is interested in these kinds of transmissions can received by engaging in the spiritual world.


  • [25:41]   More people than ever are seeking spiritual connection, are able to wishing to engage with other realms.


  • [29:48]  How seemingly difficult experiences are actually spiritual gifts to surface your imperfections.  We are often tested where we are weakest.


  • [30:45]  An example of a “birthday present” for William from his guides – an unpleasant argument with a close friend.




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You can learn more about Willian Wildblood’s book, “The Earth is a School”, and his other books “Meeting the Masters” and “Remember the Creator”, and purchase your copy wherever books are sold.






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