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Life, Death and the Space Between

Dec 23, 2021

PART 1 of 2 – Amy Reflects on The Biology of Belief with Dr. Bruce Lipton


“How you respond to that person is going to be different than how I respond to that person. What does that say? It’s not the person, it’s what’s inside of me, my own consciousness.

That is where the science and the spirituality and the awareness all come together. That is where we can begin to make changes at the cellular level by shifting our unconscious awareness to conscious awareness. Many tools to get us there – meditation, yoga, nature, therapy, whatever it is - just get here.”

-- Dr. Amy Robbins




Episode Summary:


Do you ever mean for your day to go differently than it actually does – and you’re stumped as to why it went off the rails?  Do you want to shift the trajectory of your life but you don’t know quite how? Do you wonder how much control you actually have over your circumstances?


Well… hold on to your hat! 


Science and spirituality fuse in this mind blowing episode where Dr. Amy Robbins reflects on her super popular podcast episode – #157 The Biology of Belief with stem cell biologist Dr. Bruce Lipton, PhD. His findings in cell biology not only changed the conversation at the medical table, he knocked the table over!  Dr. Amy Robbins narrates and shares very personal impressions of their conversation.


You also enjoy behind the scenes clips.


Well known internationally, Dr. Bruce H. Lipton bridges science and spirit.  He is a ground breaking stem cell biologist, best-selling author of The Biology of Belief, and recipient of the 2009 of the Goi Peace Award. BTW, Goi is Japan’s version of the Nobel, and Bill Gates won it in 2008. He has been a guest on hundreds of TV and radio shows, and is a frequent conference keynote speaker.


Listen in to understand how -- using stem cell biology and quantum physics -- Dr. Bruce Lipton connects the dots through early childhood subconscious imprinting, different ways to navigate our lives, and ultimately how we can create the lives we want by changing our biology. Dr. Lipton tells us how to live our dreams.



Topics We Discuss:

  • [5:02] The premise of Dr. Lipton’s work and why people have flocked to it for years.


  • [15:15] The energy in your environment shapes your DNA!


  • [17:15] The chemistry of your blood determines the fate of your cells. Love chemicals hate chemicals.


  • [21:30] How to replace fear with feelings of love.


  • [23:00] Epigenetic control of genes is like an architect’s blueprint. Genes are turned on and off depending on your perception of your environment. We have control!


  • [25:30] Deep dive and how to manage inevitable, real, human fear.


  • [29:20] There are no genes for cancer. Lifestyle, belief, stress are the determining factors.


  • [33:28] Take more vacations! Regular daily mind vacations are essential: walk with a friend, art class, yoga, meditation…


  • [34:50] Positive thinking alone will not impact our lives. Rather, more mindfulness is key. We are 95% subconscious vs 5% conscious. The goal is to decrease thinking and increase conscious mindfulness.


  • [45:38] The importance of becoming aware of your behavior. Using meditation, yoga, nature, therapy to bring your unconscious conscious.





Dr. Lipton’s works summarizing his findings, The 10th anniversary edition of The Biology of Belief, his second book Spontaneous Evolution, Our Positive Future and a Way to Get There from Here, and his third book The Honeymoon Effect, the Science of Creating Heaven on Earth are all available now.


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