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Life, Death & The Space Between

Dec 17, 2020

Laurie Majka is an Inspirational Artist whose ideas appear to her – fully  formed in her mind, inspired by the Other Side. Laurie’s life purpose is help people by sending positive energy into the World. Her Daily Soul Whispers have inspired millions of people unlock their own personal strength. She built a career in sales working for fortune 50 companies and now lives in Arizona with her dog Storm. Laurie’s greatest hope is that through her story you will understand her signs in a way that lets you recognize signs from your loved ones. You can connect with her at

In this episode we discuss:

How Laurie's love story came to be?

Her premonitions about death

How her long lost love, Mark, started showing up for her.

How Mark connected with her even after they hadn't seen each other in years before his death.  


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