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Life, Death & The Space Between

Aug 13, 2023

What makes the twin connection so special and different from other relationships?


Author, twin loss advocate, and twinless twin herself, Tasha Cram, joins me to dive deep into the twin dynamic. We talk about Tasha’s story of loss as a child, twin development, synchronization between twins, the twin connection after one in the pair leaves Earth, and so much more.


Even if you’re a “singleton” (non-twin), this episode is fascinating and teaches us more about just how interconnected humans are with each other.

Topics We Discuss:


  • [1:30] Tasha’s story of twin loss. Her twin died just a few weeks before they turned 4 years old. She was so young that she didn’t fully comprehend the loss and grief. It took many years and a health scare for her to understand change was needed. She began learning about complicated grief and the identity crisis twins experience.


  • [5:11] Twin development & relationship. Twins synchronize with each other the way mothers and fetuses do. Many believe that the twin relationship dies when one of the original pair dies, but twinless twins can synchronize with other single twins.


  • [8:03] What is synchronization? The physiological syncing between other single twins. Mannerisms, voice inflections, etc are picked up on very quickly between them.


  • [10:55] Twin brains and intuition. Their intuition is so strong because they shared a womb-space. Babies are so connected with their mothers because they gestate within their mothers. The body connects in a different way because they are hardwired together.


  • [13:02] Twin loss vs other loss. Twins share an identity, unlike singleton siblings, so they experience not just grief, but a total identity crisis without their counterpart.


  • [16:30]  Disappearing twins in utero. The one who is born is still wired like a twin, but they never got to have the experience of living with a twin. They often still feel like something is missing until they sync with another twin that they meet. They can tap into others’ experiences by hearing stories from other twins about their experiences. 


  • [22:03] Twin superpowers. Besides strong intuition, they can read and feel energy very well. Their powers don’t go away once their twin dies. Once their twin is gone, they have to re-discover themselves as a twin. It’s a very complicated grief process.


  • [26:37] Experiences Tasha had with her late twin. Right after her twin Tonya passed, Tasha saw Tonya’s soul. Tasha started having dreams of her twin once she began processing her grief as an adult. She gets downloads from her twin when she takes the time to intentionally connect with her.


  • [31:06] Tasha’s twin-centered projects. Twinful, twin-loss support group, her journey of a thousand hugs. After someone in her twinless twin support group committed suicide, Tasha felt the need to do more for the community. She also makes and send tie-blankets to twinless twins around the world.






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