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Life, Death and the Space Between

Nov 7, 2019

Dr. Tobin Hart is a father, partner, author, and spiritual ally. Professionally, he is a Professor in a most unusual Psychology department at the University of West Georgia. 

This department is a radical place where knowledge, wisdom and even love are on the menu as we explore the depth of consciousness and society. 

He is also co-founder and chair of the ChildSpirit Institute, a non-profit educational and research hub dedicated to understanding and nurturing the spirituality of children and adults. 

Dr. Hart draws insight through multiple views ranging from the ancient wisdom traditions to the intimate little stories all around (and within) us to the front edge of science. He finds himself trying to feel and follow those resonances that lead to a sense of communion.


Dr. Hart discusses:

His long interest in children and spirituality that started with his own daughter

Research with children and spirituality

 5 general phonemona relating to children and how they express their spirituality.  

Why is spirituality in children so important

How we can continue to foster spirituality in children