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Life, Death & The Space Between

Dec 16, 2021



“I don't control my bipolar disorder. I live in a dance with it. I accept that… I always say pain alchemized into gold.”


“Live in uncertainty’s discomfort. There you will find all future abundance.”


               – Entrepreneur Scout Sobel



Episode Summary:


How do you control the most negative aspects of your personality? Of your life? How do you manage emotional turmoil, or maybe a negative thought running on a loop?


In this episode, we talk with Scout Sobel, founder of Scouts Agency, a PR agency that gets women as guests on podcasts. Scout’s agency had six figure revenue the first year, grew by 250% the next and grew 60% this year. Scout is cohost of the popular, Okay Sis podcast which spotlights female guests and focuses on telling women’s stores. Through Okay, Sis, Scout fell in love with spreading women's stories and identified the rising popularity and influence of podcasts.  She is a trailblazer in the media industry for using podcasts as a powerful form of PR for women, entrepreneurs, podcasters and brands. She now hosts The Emotional Entrepreneur podcast.


Scout's success did not come without trials and tribulations.  For 15 years she has been living with a severe case of bipolar disorder. Once unable to hold a job, go to college or function in society -- with a lot of self-development work, through a harrowing emotional journey with psychosis, depression, anxiety, and self-harm -- Scout turned her life around.


Listen in to this inspirational conversation to understand how Scout took radical responsibility for her mental health and now successfully manages her bipolar disorder and uses her mental health strength to fuel her entrepreneurial dreams.


Topics We Discuss:

  • [8:50] A key to feeling safe in your emotions is giving yourself time to heal. Change takes time. A long time.


  • [11:39] Building a toolbox to help regulate your emotions: therapy, psychiatry, yoga, meditation, support groups…


  • [12:50] What it means to be an Emotional Entrepreneur.


  • [14:00] Finding a framework that suits your soul, your potential, passion and purpose.


  • [16:00] Incorporating spirituality and prayer into an emotional journey.


  • [18:30] When Scout calls on her higher power, she feels safe enough to be strong and secure.


  • [19:42] Why Scout says, “Live in uncertainty’s discomfort. There you will find all future abundance.” Especially for women. Because life is uncertain.


  • [22:35] Setting a higher standard for yourself. Walk before you run. If you are emotionally weighed down and lost, setting a higher standard means tomorrow you're going to wake up and add in hope. Baby steps.


  • [24:05] Where Scout finds hope. No intellectualizing, don’t look for evidence. Just trust. Find something that sounds better than where you are today and hope for that.


  • [26:30] How do you know the Universe is showing you your path? How to open our eyes so we can follow the breadcrumbs.


  • [30:57] Why resting is as productive as healing. Filling our free time with what nourishes and restores: a bath, meditation, journaling, putting the phone away and reading a book, cooking with your own two hands, getting outside. NOT frying our nervous system with stimulation, stimulation, stimulation.


  • [35:09] Scout’s first transformative spiritual experience -- where she felt in complete flow with the spiritual realm.







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