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Life, Death & The Space Between

Mar 24, 2022




“There's so much depth in the meeting of science and spirituality.” – Dr. Amy Robbins




Episode Summary:


Ever wonder what a true, talented psychic experiences when seeing spirits? Care to hear about that experience in the context of brain science? Heavy stuff -- but we promise – this is a digestible conversation!


In this episode, we talk with Mark Anthony, JD, aka the Psychic Explorer aka the Psychic Lawyer. He is the author of The Afterlife Frequency, Never Letting Go, and Evidence of Eternity. He is an Oxford-educated attorney, world-renowned psychic, nationally recognized legal analyst, headline speaker at international conferences and universities, and favorite guest on TV and radio shows. He cohosts The Psychic & The Doc on Transformation Network and is a regular columnist for Best Holistic Life magazine.


Dr. Amy Robbins says of his newest book, The Afterlife Frequency, which has already been submitted for a Pulitzer Prize, “It is a phenomenal book… and it beautifully ties together science and spirituality.”


Listen in to understand how Mark Anthony describes his psychic abilities in a scientific context, and how anyone can hone their own psychic abilities.





Topics We Discuss in Part 1:

  • [4:20] Trusting your gut. Trusting your intuition. Trusting your feelings. Women’s intuition. Gut instinct. Tuning into the vibrational frequency giving you information.


  • [5:35] Mark inherited his psychic abilities from both the maternal and paternal sides of his family. He feels it was in his genes. His mother’s side with Italian heritage considered it a “gift from god”, and called it “the gift of sight”. Bishops and cardinals consulted with his maternal great grandmother for her psychic abilities. Mark’s dad was a Navy Seal and later a NASA engineer with his own psychic abilities, inherited from his family line.


  • [7:30] How his parents clicked when they met, and early on were each compelled to confess to each other they could see spirits. Wow!


  • [10:10] At age 3 Mark started talking to his “imaginary friends” like so many kids do. Only his parents saw them, too! His mom was thrilled; his dad not so much. Mark’s dad warned him not to share his abilities outside the house, because of a tragic experience back in the day. Mark’s psychic aunt was diagnosed as schizophrenic, forced out of her home in a literal straight jacket, and subjected to electro shock, etc. 


  • [13:10] Mark sees psychic ability as a double edged sword, with benefits, burdens and responsibilities.


  • [14:40] Anyone can develop psychic ability. Some are more naturally talented than others, some less.


  • [16:10] The “cold chills and tingles”, electrical sensations, indicates spirit activity to Mark. How he received a monumental message from his parents, who are both in spirit. The message prompted The Afterlife Frequency.


  • [17:20] Mark’s RAFT technique: Recognize the message from spirit.  Accept the message.  Feel it without over-thinking, without fear. Trust the message. His book goes into explaining how anyone – no matter whether or not you were born with extra psychic abilities – can have a mediumistic experience.


  • [21:00] Differentiating messages from ego vs spirit. Ego messages carry: anger, bigotry, hatred, violence. Spirit messages direct toward: love, healing, resolution, protection.


  • [22:10] Mark defines The Afterlife Frequency using an analogy: of AM vs. FM radio, or two coexisting energetic systems. AM radio is like the earthy experience - slower, denser frequencies. FM radio is like spirit frequencies. We can raise our frequency. Mark offers exercises in his book.


  • [24:00] What Mark defines as the electromagnetic soul (EMS). Pure consciousness. Spirit.


  • [26:07] Biophotons. Our cells emit light invisible to the human eye. Electromagnetic energy containing information. A century ago, Einstein is quoted as saying we are light beings.


  • [28:48] Why spirits appear to be transparent. In order for you to see them, spirits project an energetic impulse you can understand.


  • [32:30] What various spirits look like to Mark.




Topics We Discuss in Part 2:



  • [2:29] Brainwave frequency levels. Psychic and mediumistic activity occurs at the border between theta and alpha levels. Most spirit communication is in the sleep state. Mediums can enter that alpha/theta state voluntarily and while conscious.


    • Gamma – ultra high functioning mental activity
    • Beta – normal awake state
    • Alpha – meditation, relaxation
    • Theta – dream
    • Delta – sleep, little mental activity, cellular rebuilding


  • [5:10] Collective consciousness communication – interfacing with the afterlife frequency. For example, Mark was doing a group reading event where he saw a group of spirits of young men who had died by suicide. This contact with meaningful to several people in the audience.


  • [12:38] And example of how spirts seem to be able to perceive what we call the future.


  • [15:15] Energetically we are all interconnected. Molecules are made of atoms, atoms are made of subatomic particles, in turn made of quanta of electromagnetic energy.  Reference quantum physics. People who have had near death experiences sense this interconnectedness.


  • [17:00] Buddha, Jesus, and quantum physicists all say we are interconnected. Mark sees no conflict between science and spirit.


  • [17:50] Defining spacetime, multidimensions. Why it’s so hard for us to wrap our heads around these concepts. See Mark’s book for a digestible, understandable description of spacetime ala quantum physics. A century ago Werner Heisenberg, one of the fathers of quantum physics said, “When you think you understand quantum physics, you really don’t.”


  • [20:30] In a 1926 interview Nicola Tesla predicted cell phones. Fun fact: the character Sheldon on The Big Bang Theory is based on Nicola Tesla.


  • [22:45] Spacetime: on the quantum level – we are all energy and interconnected. We think time exists as a linear construct because we are born, age, die.  On the subatomic, quantum level, scientists have theorized that time does not exist.


  • [24:25] Every great spiritual teacher says, “God always was and always will be.” Which is what the laws of physics and thermodynamics teach us today.





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