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Life, Death & The Space Between

Aug 20, 2023

Does the idea of a psychic experience scare you? Did you experience a sudden psychic opening?


Author, psychic counselor, and reiki master teacher, Lisa Campion, joins me to talk about using your discernment when you open your psychic abilities and how it can happen, the clairsenses, the role of the pineal gland, negative entities, navigating different dimensional planes of reality, and more.


Lisa brings a knowledgeable and grounded perspective to a topic that can seem elusive and that many people are unknowingly led astray on. 

Topics We Discuss:


  • [1:00] Opening psychic abilities with mental health struggles. Ground yourself and focus on your mental health first, because psychic opening can be destabilizing. Learning how to manage and turn off your gifts can help you ground. Be mindful, get a teacher, and go slowly. Don’t follow social media trends.


  • [3:43] Ways of opening psychically. Some people have gradual strengthening of their gifts, many undergo very sudden and disorienting awakenings. NDEs, loss of a loved one, spiritual development paths, psychedelic journeys, and sudden or tragic changes can all cause sudden openings.


  • [6:01] What is a sudden psychic opening like? It depends what psychic senses a person already has open. Whichever ones suddenly come online are where someone will start perceiving things they weren’t previously. Visual psychics are the most rare.


  • [7:55] The clairsenses. Clairsomatic is feelings in the body, clairsentience is feeling, claircognizance is knowing - hunches, nudges- these are the basis of our intuition. Lisa believes the heart is also psychic and can see clearly into our relationships. Clairaudience is hearing the little voice in your head. Clairgustance (taste) and clairalience (smell) typically show when being contacted by a loved one. Clairvoyance is seeing things in our minds eye or sometimes seeing actual things. Write down what you notice.


  • [15:30] Why are psychics trending right now? Lisa thinks there are generally more psychic people than before, there are more resources for opening up nowadays - yoga, reiki, and meditation are very accessible now- paranormal content is also everywhere. 


  • [18:34] The pineal gland & psychic abilities. It has optical nerves running to it and it secretes DMT. Meditations, breathing exercises, minimizing certain chemicals like fluoride, and using certain sound frequencies can help open and activate your pineal gland. 


  • [22:57] Spirit guides & differentiating them. Everyone has a team, and their guides all play different roles. Guides might be different kinds of beings. Beloved ancestors are often like cheerleaders and are less directive. Guides like angels and ascended masters often work to help us achieve grow. We have to ask for assistance, but they can’t interfere with anyone’s free will and they won’t necessarily stop us from facing consequences of our actions. 


  • [28:49] Negative entities & unsafe psychic practices. Negative entities feel creepy and scary because we know they’re not good. We are all capable of sensing whether something is good, neutral, or bad. Ouija boards are direct communication tools and portals to lower astral realms. 


  • [32:26] Planes of reality. The astral realm is directly “next” to ours and it is what we typically access when we first open up psychically. There are a few levels to it. The “middle” level is where stuck spirits of the dead are. The “upper” level is where people mostly astral travel to when dreaming. There are realms beyond those up to heaven, God, and more. There are “sideways” worlds of the dead and fairies. Sometimes these dimensions or realms bleed through. 




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