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Life, Death and the Space Between

Aug 27, 2020

Peta Morton is a respected Reiki and mindfulness teacher, author and speaker with a clientele around the world. She discovered Reiki relatively late in life as a result of a series of awakening and consciousness-expanding experiences that followed a life-threatening illness. Today, she provides a signpost which helps others to remember their true nature, to express their own unique voice with authenticity and to reconnect with the powerful healer within.
Her pioneering work Imaging the Hidden Geometry of Reiki and The Geometry of Love has received acclaim from thought leaders and scientific researchers around the world and is helping to form a bridge between the worlds of science and spirituality. Her first book Ancient Teachings for Modern Times: the way to a rich and deeply satisfying life is out now.  

In this episode we discuss:

Let's talk about vibrations, how do we raise our vibration if we aren't feeling particularly good? 

How does the Bolvis scale work?   It that something available to the general public? 

What is life force energy?  

You talk in the book about the connection between breath and life span, can you explain that? 

How are we adapting ancient teachings in a more Western way?  Do they lose their potency when we do that? 

What are the shapes that are common in this world and how do they present themselves?