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Life, Death & The Space Between

Feb 17, 2020

Rabbi Wendi Geffen has served as one of the rabbis at North Shore Congregation Israel since her rabbinic ordination in 2002, assuming the role of senior rabbi in July 2015. A visionary, thought leader, and distinguished orator and teacher, Rabbi Geffen is passionate about Judaism, Torah, and the ways these ancient sources of wisdom add meaning to our lives and enable us to better our world today. She dedicates herself to learning and teaching with those interested in developing their own Jewish identities and Jewish journeys, no matter their age or background; she is regularly sought as a teacher and speaker, and her writing has been widely published.  


What does Judaism tells us about how to live a meaningful life? 

There is a lot of talk right now about people turning away from a more organized religion and turning toward their own version of spirituality, what are your thoughts about that? 

What does Judaism teach us about the afterlife and what happens to us when we die? 

How do you as a Rabbi help people understand communication such as signs to understand and make sense of these experiences within the framework of Judaism.  


Can you talk about your recent  experience that was spiritually transformative in a way that made you rethink how you thought about faith and things happening for a reason? 

Many people really dislike the phrase "everything happens for a reason"  and I understand why, can you describe your experience and how you came to a potential reogranization of how you understand faith as a result of that experience?  



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