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Life, Death and the Space Between

Nov 4, 2021



“We all have the journey… It's already written into our sacred contract long before we come upon Mother Earth. And it is a lovely journey, but it can be so challenging and painful as well.  The most painful experiences are the ones that our souls have called forth for learning and for mastery.” -- Mariel Forde Clarke

“We all get messages from our loved ones, if we're open to it.” -- Mariel Forde Clarke

“The heavens and the earth meet during our dream and sleep state.” -- Mariel Forde Clarke




Episode Summary:


We all miss the loved ones we’ve lost. Where are they? What did they experience when they crossed over? Where are they now?


In this episode, we talk with Irish teacher and counselor Mariel Forde Clarke who had not one, not two, but THREE near death experiences (NDEs)! Wow!


Listen in to understand how Mariel Forde Clarke has experienced life on the other side, and how she now communicates with spirit guides, and uses her gifts to help people heal and grow.



We Discuss:

  • Her THREE near death experiences!  
    • 1) falling off a roof as a child when her life flashed before her eyes,
    • 2) near drowning while being trapped under a diving board, where she felt a man’s hands bringing her to the surface, although there was no one there, and
    • 3) the most vivid of the three for Mariel – while hemorrhaging during surgery, hovering over her body and being catapulted into a place of heavenly music, rainbow color of light, a feeling of blissful euphoric peace without pain or worry, a feeling of undiluted love.
  • The silver cord that connects our body to our soul, much like the umbilical cord connecting a baby to their mother. Except the silver cord remains in place during our lives, and keeps us connected to our higher selves and the spirit world. Even during near death experiences, the cord remains in place. The silver cord only snaps upon final death, that is when the soul is ready to leave earth.
  • Soul fragmentation, often where one experiences repeated traumas (things like sexual or verbal abuse, alcohol abuse), or perhaps even multiple surgeries. Mariel’s treatment involves soul integration, when she perceives it as the right course, which can take many sessions over many hours. If soul integration or soul retrieval is not right for this person, she refers to a professional counselor, psychologist or psychiatrist.
  • Fear during death and dying. How Mariel works with the dying, always with the permission of the soul. She finds those with a belief in the afterlife experience much less fear around their own death.
  • How one’s experience of the afterlife is related to their belief system during life. Those with a belief system where they believe in a God or Allah or Buddha or Krishna leave this Earth plane much freer without struggle, without fighting. Those that don't have beliefs are the ones paralyzed, so afraid of crossing over.
  • Different levels or spheres in the afterlife, contrasted with just the two traditional realms of heaven and hell, as is taught in many religions.
    • The lowest levels are devoid of God’s light, like the flicker of a candle, and there is much learning to do, available through spirit guides and counselors, spiritual midwives.
  • Why do so many people dismiss the possibility of any type of life after death?
    • No theologian, no scientist, no doctor, no physicist in the world has ever stepped forward and said, categorically, there is no proof for afterlife.
    • On the other hand, hundreds and thousands of doctors and scientists and physicists have endorsed the phenomena. Back to Plato and Aristotle, to philosopher Descartes (1600s), to scientist and mathematician Swedenborg (1700s) - they all support the afterlife, because they had so much evidential proof themselves. Einstein said there was a greater energy in the Universe, far greater than man, a supreme intelligence.





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