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Life, Death & The Space Between

Apr 27, 2023

“It’s like dropping the needle on an album and reading the vibrational record of someone’s life.” – Eileen McKusick





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Ever heard of “raising your vibration”? You may be wondering: what does that even mean? How do I do it? Is this just more woo-woo junk?


Today we talk with Eileen Day McKusick, a sound healer, researcher, creator of the Biofield Tuning method, author, educator, and speaker.


Her books, “Tuning the Human Biofield” and “Electric Body, Electric Health” focus on the human body’s electromagnetic field and how we can heal ourselves through manipulating this energy field with sound.


Listen in to learn more about these scientifically-backed concepts and how sound healing can help you process emotional trauma.


Topics We Discuss:


  • [3:19] How Eileen got into biofield healing. She started using tuning forks with her massage clients and then learned about the energy field around the body. She studied this in university and wrote a thesis about the body’s electrical field.


  • [7:12] Energy vs electricity. The body’s magnetic field. Our bodies have a flow of electrical current running through them – qi. 


  • [11:43] The human biofield is the magnetic field around the body and the internal electrical system of the body. It all works together since electricity creates magnetic fields.


  • [13:36] What does a biofield tuning session look like? Weighted and unweighted tuning forks are used diagnostically on the body and in the energy field, respectively. Sound waves help constricted tissue open up. Eileen can tell what a person’s heart rate variability is like, how their breathing patterns are, etc. based on the feedback.


  • [16:48] Our memories are stored in our body’s electromagnetic field. Energetic signatures from early in our lives are near the outer edges of our field, more recent energy is closer to our bodies. Eileen pings back and forth between the body and the energy field to see if they are in coherence. Traumas can be heard in the field by a change in tone or “voids” of sound.


  • [20:52] Certain emotions are stored in specific parts of the field, which correspond to specific parts of the body and some part of ourselves that is stuck in that charge. Our energy feels low when our field is full of tension and blocked from flowing. We still have to see and sit with ourselves during this process.


  • [26:47] Tuning forks vs sound bowls. Biofield tuning with forks is precise and targeted. Sound bowls are more generalized. Every emotion has a different sound.


  • [30:26] Raising your vibration and spiritual bypassing. No emotion is “negative”- they are all part of the human spectrum and provide feedback to us. The goal should be to clarify our vibration, not raise it. Our vibrations are like the “noise” of our field. Voltage is the strength of our energy. We are humans having a human experience - not Christ or the Buddha. You have to feel it to clear it. 


  • [36:17] Less tension in our system results in a higher ability to process toxins. Many people look to food to help them optimize their energy fields. Eileen saw her health and energy levels and personal boundaries improve. 


  • [44:30] Pain can be relieved in one session, depending on the root it may take more sessions to keep it away. Training your mind to stay centered in the present allows your body to heal itself instead of working against it.


Find Eileen and the programs she offers on her website or on Instagram.


Eileen’s book, “Electric Body, Electric Health” is available on Amazon. (affiliate)


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