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Life, Death & The Space Between

Mar 23, 2023



“The therapist is not the one who heals, it’s the individual.” – Dr. Paul Drouin






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Are you dissatisfied with the way “Western” medicine operates? Do you believe there’s another way?


Today we talk with Dr. Paul Drouin, the founder of Quantum University and a pioneer in the integrative medicine space.


Listen in to hear how quantum physics principles apply to healthcare, how you have the power to heal yourself, and how by healing yourself you can help heal the world.

Topics We Discuss:


  • [3:41] How Dr. Drouin, a traditionally-trained medical doctor, began looking at the quantum world and its impact on health. For him, it was the next step after integrative medicine. Medicine as taught in schools is outdated and doesn’t take into account subtle energies. This is where the idea for Quantum University was born.


  • [8:20] Quantum physics principles such as non-locality and quantum entanglement challenges the idea of “separateness” that permeates medicine. Most diseases are issues of the body AND mind and spirit. Practitioners at Quantum University learn to restore client’s beliefs in their body’s ability to heal.


  • [14:11] Modalities like acupuncture that have thousands of years of application are often passed on. Spontaneous healing is often discredited by practitioners who don’t understand that through the quantum field the possibility for healing is always there. Giving patients death sentences is devastating. Most cancer originates with psychological trauma.


  • [19:20] Healing occurs because of the individual. Multiple pieces make up the environment that sets the foundation for our reality. Depending on what we put in will dictate what can grow. We have access to tremendous energy inside of us to materialize different possibilities. Power must be given back to individuals for their own health.


  • [23:38] Terrain vs germ theory - blending the two is key. Quantum physics can help bridge these two and expand our awareness of other possibilities.


  • [26:35] Medicine is currently based on the “upward model” - the base is matter and our body, and the mind is just a byproduct of chemical reactions in the body, but they are separate and need to be treated separately. Quantum U teaches a “downward model” - consciousness is the base of everything, mind AND body come from that.


  • [29:17] Subtle energies - Taoist’s figured out how energy circulates in the body a long time ago. Energy is associated with different emotions in different parts of the body, and there are “high” and “low” expressions of that energy. Love, for example, is associated with the heart and can be egotistical and focused on power and control, or it can be altruistic.


  • [35:10] People are becoming more open to applying quantum principles to healthcare. Individuals like Bruce Lipton and Joe Dispenza have helped pave the way for others to study and discuss this. The “quantum culture” is growing and resistance is fading.


  • [41:10] Consciousness is not fully understood with the mind. Pure awareness and stillness is consciousness. According to quantum physics, we are eternal. At one point, it was discovered that some monks were experiencing reality the same way that quantum physics described it.


  • [47:25] If a critical mass of people believe that you can heal yourself to heal others and operate from that viewpoint, the world can change. Dr. Drouin started Project Noosphere for this reason. The ripple effect can have major impacts.


  • [52:06] The death of Dr. Drouin’s brother as a teenager put him on this path to find new ways of healing.


Find Dr. Drouin at his website, Quantum University, and Project Noosphere.


Dr. Drouin’s book, “Creative Integrative Medicine: A Medical Doctor’s Journey Toward a New Vision for Healthcare” is available on Amazon. (affiliate)


You can also keep up with him on Facebook (personal) and (Quantum U), Instagram, and Twitter (personal) and (Quantum U)


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