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Life, Death and the Space Between

May 19, 2022




“Healing happens by being witnessed.” – Bernadette Pleasant



Episode Summary:



Have you ever experienced the ecstasy of a wild, shake-it-all-out dance? Have you watched someone dance as if no one is watching?


Today we chat with Bernadette Pleasant a somatic healer, sacred grief facilitator, and creator of well-loved mind-body wellness programs using sound and movement.  Bernadette believes "there are no good, bad, light, or dark emotions; only emotions that need to be fully expressed."


Bernadette is a vibrant, sensual speaker who connects with those who have been silenced and shut down, to support their physical, emotional, and healing journeys.


Listen in to hear Bernadette describe the many way to express, honor and release what no longer serves you with sound and movement.




Topics We Discuss:

  • [4:22] How trauma gets held in our bodies, and how Bernadette provides a safe space to move through it to a new place.


  • [8:24] How you know you need release – sarcasm, irritability, avoidant isolation, boredom.


  • [11:42] Discomfort of growth. Fear needs to be fed (shopping, eating, binge-watching).


  • [13:36] The healing power of dance vs other movements (yoga, walking).


  • [16:32] Why drums are so healing. The first sound you heard was the heartbeat of the womb -- a safe space to move and grow.


  • [19:44] Bernadette’s growth experience while pole dancing. Releasing the voices of shame and judgment and finding joy and freedom.


  • [23:04] Talk therapy vs. other modes of healing -- sound, breathwork, dance. Allowing the experience to be messy.


  • [28:10] Bernadette’s intuitive process with clients. Patience, curiosity and compression allow the softening.


  • [32:55] The Dagara tribe of Burkina Faso in West African practices grieving routinely to navigate and release with big emotions without shame.







Bernadette is creator of well-loved mind-body wellness programs, including Femme!, the Emotional Institute, Emotion in Motion, What Wasn’t Said and Sacred Silence. The Emotional Institute offers courses, classes, and how-to videos that broaden the understanding and expression of our full range of emotions. In the 90-minute Femme! experience, Bernadette creates a safe space for people of all ages, genders, and body types to explore their emotional selves. Everyone is empowered to fully embrace and embody all of their emotions — and express them through sound and movement. Joy, sorrow, rage, confidence, desire, and more are all welcomed at Femme!


Whether in a classroom, on a podium, or in one-on-one private sessions, find out more at her website and on Instagram.







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