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Life, Death and the Space Between

May 12, 2022




“Send hate, send fear, send anger, that’s what returns to you. Send love, send love, send love – that’s what will return.”  – Rabbi Wayne Dosick [23:55]



Episode Summary:


Ever wonder how traditional Judaism connects with modern spirituality?


Rabbi Wayne Dosick is a loving educator, writer, and spiritual teacher who counsels about faith and spirit, ethical values, life transformations, and evolving human consciousness.  He has been described as a “rational intellect with the soul of a  mystic,” committed to a lifetime of guiding people to a deep, personal, intimate relationship with the Divine.


His new book is Radical Loving: One God, One World, One People. A book we certainly need now!


Listen in to hear about Rabbi Dosick’s spiritual toolbox, steeped in ancient tradition, and perfectly applicable to the yearnings of today’s seekers.




Topics We Discuss:

  • [3:38] Making sense of what is happening in the world right now.


  • [6:27] Rabbi Dosick answers, “Why we were created? What is God?”


  • [8:50] Science and spirituality.


  • [12:08] Spiritual toolbox, adapted from ancient wisdom:


  • Don’t be afraid
  • Spiritual intention to create a deep, personal relationship with the Divine (vs. only a communal connection such as in church or temple or mosque…)
  • How to distinguish the voice of god from the voice in your head.
  • See the face of God in yourself and others
  • Burn your own ego
  • Live and serve in ecstasy and joy, fill your heart with love energy
  • Be silent and enter the void
  • Send love, send love, send love


  • [26:38] What Rabbi Dosick believes happens when we die, and how his perspective aligns with Judaism.







Find out more about Rabbi Dosick’s book at Buy it on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or anywhere books are sold.


Follow him at his website.





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