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Life, Death & The Space Between

May 13, 2021

“Individuality is a hallucination on consciousness.”

-- Fred Matser


Fred Matser is the founder and chairman of the Fred Foundation and a leading Dutch humanitarian. He has been active in social and ecological transformation and is the founder or co-founder of a wide range of charitable foundations that span the fields of health, environment, nature conservation, peace and global transformation. The principles underlying these foundations are based on inspiring co-creativity, self-sufficiency, empowerment, inspiration and harmony. Fred is the author of “Beyond Us”, released February 1st, 2021.


A link to the documentary “Beyond” based on this incredible book follows: 


Today we talk about ideas in “Beyond Us”: 

  • Differences between the thinking mind and human consciousness
  • Infinite consciousness as the whole
  • How to differentiate thought and intuition
  • Intuition as an internal navigator
  • His definition of “functional comparison” and how can it help us
  • How humans are much like cells in a human body.  Cells will eventually die to keep the human alive. Humans will eventually die to keep humanity alive.
  • How we get “clogged up” in terms of our intuition – and how letting go clears us
  • Anything that keeps us away from unconditional love is fear
  • The essence of fear is resistance
  • Shifting from a materialistic/dualistic world view (not our reality) into a idealism/nondualism (our reality)