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Life, Death & The Space Between

Feb 27, 2020

Lynn K. Russell is a world expert on near-death experiences. She has researched 2500 cases for Dr. Jeffery Long at NDERF Near-Death Experience Research Foundation. She spent many years as a family counsellor. Lynn has a new book out called The Wonder of You, What The Near Death Experience tells you about yourself.  Aside from spirituality she has a keen interest in quantum theory, cosmology, the brain and consciousness.  


Today we discuss: 

What makes this book different then many of the other NDE books out there today?  

Some of the tenants that are in the book and in particular the ones that I believe are most helpful to encourage people’s growth.  

  1. Purpose- How do you see purpose as fitting into this? 
  2. In the book you talk about responsibility and freedom.  You say “We look at our lives, and ask, is this it? Is there nothing more to life? We are born, grow up, make a living and die.  In between we are saddled with debt and problems. I think a lot of people feel this way, which is pretty grim and depressing. What do NDE’s teach us about this notion of responsibility and freedom.  
  3. Knowledge-One of the things that often comes up as a question is why we lose the knowledge of these other realms when we get here.  What do you attribute this to?  
  4. You also talk in your book about Fear Death Experience.  This was a new term for me. What exactly do you mean by that? 
  5. Let’s talk a bit about consciousness manifestations?  What is it exactly? I know there are a few we can talk about...Prayers and positive thoughts, Placebo, plant and animal consciousness.  

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