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Life, Death & The Space Between

Mar 9, 2023



“Energy needs to precede action.” — Vanessa Loder






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How do you live a more soul-aligned life? How do you get to know your soul?


Today I talk with Vanessa Loder, finance and private equity VP turned women’s career leadership expert, TEDx speaker, and writer. Vanessa is a certified Executive Coach, trained in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, past life regression hypnosis and Vipassana meditation.


Her personal awakening and transformational work have led to thousands of brilliant, overwhelmed women finding their way back to soul, something her new book “The Soul Solution” helps with.


Listen in to hear about tuning into your own energy and the multidimensionality of our souls.


Topics We Discuss:


  • [3:26] Vanessa’s story. She got to the top of the corporate ladder and thought she’d have more happiness, fulfillment, meaning and purpose in her life. A lasting sense of accomplishment seemed to elude her. She began reading spirituality books, did a hypnosis training and dove into past life regression work. This was how her awakening began in 2009.


  • [8:25] You don’t have to move, leave your relationship, or quit your job in order to have a more soul-aligned life. A lot of small choices and micro-moments can create that connection and attunement. It can be as small as having a five minute ritual in the morning.


  • [10:01] Follow your “energetic breadcrumbs” - inner guidance and little nudges. We need space in our daily lives to receive this guidance. “The Soul Solution” is about learning to listen and trust your intuition and deeper knowing. Ego is incessant, loud, pushy in your head. Soul is gentle, pulls you towards things. You can be aligned with something, but not energetically aligned at the moment.


  • [16:57] Energy needs to precede action, so take time to check in and ask yourself from moment to moment: Where am I right now in my energy? What do I need? Do I feel called to do this thing or am I pushing myself? Stay aware of subtle shifts in your energy field.


  • [18:06] Gold standards vs North Stars. Gold standards are what society tells us we should be achieving. We internalize them and when we fail to meet them, we go into shame and self loathing. Vanessa found it helpful to take a step back, name these standards, and wonder when and why she started to believe these unconscious goals. Follow your North Star - an ever-evolving beacon that you personally strive for.


  • [23:04] Vanessa checks in with herself every week to see if she is living in alignment with her core values. Every year she also likes to tune into a word for her year. This is the specific word, value, or quality of being that she really wants to call in for the year.


  • [27:06] Many women fall into “distorted caregiving”. Patriarchal attitudes often teach women to care for others above themselves, which can make them sick.


  • [29:29] Vanessa’s spiritual journey started with past lives and past-life regression. She began working with the Council of Light and the Blue Council a few months later. She eventually connected with an aspect of her soul on another planet - “multi-dimensional bleedthrough”.


  • [37:16] Vanessa’s multi-dimensional bleedthrough experience. We can heal other aspects of our oversoul in other time, space, and dimensions by healing and integrating lessons here.


  • [42:19] Star seeds have aspects of their consciousness that originate off Earth. They came here for a specific reason - to assist in the awakening and expansion of consciousness happening on Earth. We must each claim our own authority with spiritual and energetic experiences.



Find Vanessa on her website or on Instagram. Her book The Soul Solution is available on Amazon (affilliate link).

You can also join her in her upcoming Soul Circle.


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