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Life, Death & The Space Between

Oct 22, 2020

Shane Smith has possessed the gift of intuition and seeing spirits since his earliest memories as a young child and he has developed this gift throughout his life. On 7/7/1997 Shane was struck by lightning while rock climbing west of Fort Collins, Colorado. After the strike, Shane began 5 years of recovery. In that time, Shane took on an even keener sense of his abilities.

He has featured on national television series Monsters & Mysteries in 2015 as well as multiple paranormal podcasts and several radio interviews.  Shane specializes in helping families with personal closure with the deceased. Shane has been instrumental in providing details to authorities in several local Colorado investigations and national intelligence authorities in investigations across the world.

In this episode Shane discusses: 

His abilities and when they really sky rocketed.  

How he taps in to energy to solve missing person cases

Why all missing person cases aren’t solved? 

How places and spaces hold energy? 

How Shane reads those spades? 

How to clear out “negative energy” 

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