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Life, Death & The Space Between

Aug 13, 2021

A Powerful Replay: Soul Meditation – a Tribute to Dr. Amy Robbins’ mentor and “Soul Mama”, Ariana Garrett




Dr. Amy Robbins says of Ariana Garrett, “I believe there is no one who could explain the Soul better than she could. There is no one who understood the soul better than she did. And there is no one who could help manifest sh*t faster than she could help manifest sh*t. She was magical where that is concerned.”




Episode Summary:


Today Dr. Amy Robbins shares very personal grief; her rocked faith, sadness, and vulnerability  – after losing her mentor, teacher and friend – after losing her “Soul Mama”. 


Internationally renowned master energy therapist, spiritual life coach, and meditation teacher Ariana Garrett lost her earthly life to cancer in early August 2021.


From a place of raw grief, Dr. Amy Robbins is grateful to share this tribute to Ariana’s wisdom, knowledge, soul and light. This timeless conversation originally aired in 2019. Enjoy.



Today We Experience a Powerful Soul Meditation Together!

  • Enjoy one of Dr. Amy Robbins’ favorite meditations. More than quieting the mind… The goal of this meditation is to connect with our soul to align and commune with the soul, to experience a conscious unity, and then and bring the energy of the soul back into our personalities.
  • Prepare the personality to receive those soul energies. The soul is the actor, and the personality is the role the actor is playing. Sit upright with a straight spine.  Unwind with micromovements.
  • Settle into stillness. Focus attention on the feet. Realize that right here, right now, all is well.  Rest in this.
  • Feel the earth below you – and how beautiful and powerful that is. Rest in this.
  • Focus attention at the base of your spine. Imagine a column of light running up your spine to your heart. Feel a sphere like a bead of light at your heart, a place of inspiration and compassion. Recognize that all is well right here, right now.
  • Imagine expanding your heart, and invite energy from the awakened collective heart into our own heart. Rest in this.
  • Slowly rise up that column of light in a counterclockwise direction, and imagine a beautiful sphere of light above your head. Rest here.
  • Recognize you a part of a soul tribe, your spiritual family, in and out of bodies. Attune to your soul tribe. Recognize the vast resources available within your soul tribe - protection, guidance, etc. Call on your soul tribe for those resources, even if you don’t know just what they are. Stand in openness in receiving.
  • Expand your awareness, visualize bright spot high above you. Imagine the a cone of light from that high point coming down all around you. This divine light is shining down you at all times, and Earth supports you. Set an intention to live within these forces. Set an intention to share these subtle energies
  • Let’s express gratitude for this time together and this sacred space we have created.




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