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Life, Death & The Space Between

Jul 15, 2021

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Reimagine Death and Celebrate Life with Brad Wolfe and Dara Kosberg


“Grief is like a Jackson Pollock painting.” – Brad Wolfe


“There is room for art, music and even comedy in that sacred transition we call death.”



Episode Summary:


Have you ever thought about YOUR death? Really thought about it?


In this episode, we literally talk about life, death and the space between with Brad Wolfe and Dara Kosberg from Reimagine.


Reimagine is a non-profit founded by Brad Wolfe that draws on arts, design, and spirituality to transform culturally tabu attitudes around death and grief, to enhance how we live and how we die.


Brad Wolfe has a Stanford MA in Sociology and a Berkley MBA, with a human design focus. Dara Kosberg has an MA in education from Stanford, and is director of programming at Reimagine.


Listen in to understand how to transform the experience of your own death -- or the death of a dear one --  and ultimately find more meaning in your life.


Topics We Discuss:

  • Reimagine grew from the unlikely intersection between Death and The Arts – including Comedy!
  • Comedy can crate openings to transform the experience of death, and diffuse the intensity of an end-of-life experience.
  • Death shifts you into a new relationship with yourself.
  • Especially during the isolation of COVID, people are looking for connection. For example, a widow hearing “yes, me, too” can create an intense, magical connection between people. 
  • Death being a hushed tabu is a modern reality!  Ancient Greek cultures celebrated death.
  • Ways to invoke Post Traumatic Growth.
    • Finding the benefits of a tough experience.
    • Leaning into how to go deeper.
    • Seeing a positive growth framework to flourish.
    • Building a community that wants to flourish by facing these hard things together; let’s dance with them!
    • Transform the way we interact with each other, as individuals, and as a culture.
  • Democratizing underrepresented voices in this arena through Justice Equity Diversity & Inclusion (JEDI)
  • Focus on what matters in life – by being conscious of death. Thinking, “What if today is my last day?” Or, “What if this is the last time I see this person?”  Mindfulness.




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