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Life, Death & The Space Between

Jun 14, 2021


  • This is really hard for me to do…
    • I have been creating podcasts for 2 ½ years, I love interviewing all these amazing guests!
    • So many people have reached out lately that I have a huge backlog of guests
    • Our community has grown organically – all because of you. Thank you!
    • I love your ghost stories, and hearing from all of you about how the podcasts impact your life
    • Integrity is everything to me – for me, and the interviews themselves.
    • I want to continue to dive deep into what we are all curious about – Life, Death and the Space Between – What happens after death? What is consciousness?
    • And I want to continue to present a scientific perspective – the latest science
    • So far, I have done it all without ads, and my goal is to keep it ad-free.


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Questions I answered today, asked by listeners Sara and Donna, both about reincarnation:

  1. If someone I lost has chosen to reincarnate, can I still communicate with them?
  2. If a soul in heaven decides to reincarnate, will they be born into a different body? How can a soul be in a different body since that’s no longer that person?