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Life, Death & The Space Between

Sep 2, 2021

Own Your Life with Rajan Shankara


“Ego is a fabric of reality blocking us from true consciousness.”


Episode Summary:


Do you believe a leopard can change its spots? Can a person truly change their nature in an instant?


Rajan Shankara was pulled over by a police officer with a trunk full of marijuana, cocaine and other drugs -- and inexplicably walked away free.  He asserts he changed his life in an instant.  He describes how he vowed to live within the law and contribute positively to society.


In this episode we explore the perspectives of a former drug dealing thug turned monk, turned meditation guide, life coach, fitness expert, and author.


Listen in to understand hear Dr. Amy Robbins and Rajan Shankara discuss and debate ego, meditation and paths to personal growth.


Topics We Discuss:

  • The details of Rajan’s life changing close call with the law
  • Rajan’s perspective on meditation: the restraint of mental activity
  • The advanced meditation technique of “touching in”
  • What is the “right” way to meditate?
  • Is expert yogi an oxymoron?



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