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Life, Death & The Space Between

Jun 16, 2022

My Son is My Spirit Guide with TERRI-ANN RUSSELL



“Just because you believe in a spirit or a soul existing outside of a physical body doesn’t make the grief of that loss any easier.”  – Dr. Amy Robbins




Episode Summary:


Can a mother’s love and connection to her son transcend his mortal death? 


Today we talk with Terri-Ann Russell, a healer, channel, past life regressionist and a medium in magical Sedona Az, as one of a trio of amazing psychic healers known as the Sedona Soul Sisters.


She is married to her soulmate and is the mother of five. One, Anthony, now in spirit, is her main spirit guide. Anthony transitioned in July 2019 and quickly returned to support Terri-Ann in her own healing process of grief and loss. She tells her amazing story in her book, “From Death to Life”.


Listen in to hear how Terri reconnected with Anthony within hours of his passing, and how Terri helps people open to their own inner wisdom and heal child wounds from this life and past lives, using guidance from Anthony, and other multidimensional beings.



Topics We Discuss:


  • [2:29] Terri-Ann’s loss and reconnection with her son, Anthony.


  • [7:35] The significance of age 27: 2+7=9, signifying the end or completion.


  • [9:27] How Anthony came to Terri-Ann within hours of his passing. She continues to work on and heal her profound mother’s grief.


  • [12:39] Anthony’s continued positive influence in Terri-Ann’s life. Helping her fight dark thoughts. Levels of frequencies – deep grief to enlightenment.


  • [18:18] Dark entities. Energy vampires. Oh, my!


  • [23:55] Anthony guided Terry-Ann to sell everything, buy an RV, and take her family on the road -- and heal.


  • [27:20] Terri-Ann channeling mother Mary. Being guided via transmissions from Mary and Anthony to write her books.


  • [30:59] We are in a pivotal time, where spiritual energy is sparking, to help shift and heal humanity. Not something to be taken lightly.


  • [32:49] We are all Source. We are all the same. We are healing faster than ever.


  • [33:44] Amy’s speed round questions: What is spirituality? What is something people don’t know about you? What is one thing you’re looking forward to right now? What’s one thing you’re deeply grateful for? What book in on your nightstand? What is your favorite spiritual or healing practice? What is the most spiritually transformative experience of your life?






Find out more about Terri-Ann’s books on Amazon. Or check out her website. Or give her a call:  908-328-3085.






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