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Life, Death and the Space Between

Jan 23, 2020

Dr. Siu grew up in California, where he completed college at UC Irvine and medical school at UCLA. Midway through medical school he pursued research interests at the National Institutes of Health in Washington, DC and ultimately completed a doctoral degree at the University of Oxford. After finishing medical school he moved to Boston where he joined the faculty at Harvard Medical School and completed a psychiatry residency at the Massachusetts General Hospital and McLean Hospital. Dr. Siu remained on faculty at Harvard for two years while working at McLean, the nation’s top free-standing psychiatric facility—a distinction it has held for more than a decade. Dr. Siu subsequently moved to New York City where in addition to having a private practice, he has been trained by MAPS in MDMA-assisted psychotherapy and provides ketamine facilitated psychotherapy.

A new year and a new conversation!  In this episode we are talking about alignment.  

-What does alignment mean?

-How can we use wellness to align, rather than all of these various wellness trends being just trends and not really anything we actively embody? 

-What are some of the tools we can use to truly be in alignment?  

-What do you see as the parts of us that need to align?

-How can some of the medications you have worked with be used to help us continue to learn, grow and align?