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Life, Death & The Space Between

Jul 12, 2021

Mental Illness or Spiritual Emergence? – A Ghost Story


“The dark presence that had been haunting me, I now understand to be my native ancestors, who have been calling my name since I was a child.”





Episode Summary:


What is our perception of reality? How do we understand reality? How do we understand these perceptions in the realm of psychology and psychiatry, and when we are diagnosing mental illness? Perhaps mental illness is on a spectrum, and not as cut and dry as the DSM and symptoms would have us believe they are.


Today’s story from a Life, Death and the Space Between listener story weaves in and out of the concepts of mental illness and spiritual emergence. And what a ride it is!


If you have not yet listened to Episode 189, “A Medium Walks into a Psychiatrist’s Office with Dr. Al Powers and Brittany Quagan – you might want to start there. Either way, please listen in with an open mind.



This Listener’s Story Touches on:

  • Early auditory hallucinations, as a child in Columbia.
  • Ayahuasca journeys
  • Mental illness including manic episodes giving way to spiritual clarity
  • Managing experiences with lifestyle choices (food, exercise, etc.)
  • Coming to understand the experiences as helpful messages from native ancestors



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