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Life, Death & The Space Between

Dec 10, 2020

If you want an incredible perspective on manifesting and prayer this is the episode for you.  I absolutely LOVED talking with SharRon and we had the best conversation.    

SharRon Jamison is a life strategist, author, minister, entrepreneur, and corporate leader who is committed to helping you BE who you were born to be, and not settle for what society has taught and told you to be. 

Through her coaching programs, books, sister circles, and speaking events, she passionately challenges people to shed societal “shoulds” and outdated beliefs so they can SOAR higher in their personal and professional lives.


SharRon earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from Hampton University, Hampton, Virginia. She earned a Masters of Business Administration from Nova Southeastern University, Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

SharRon’s newest book, Deciding To Soar 2: Unwrapping Your Purpose was recently released.

In this episode we discussed

What is manifesting

The ABC’s (and DEF’s) of manifesting

The difference between manifesting and prayer

How one can make sense when things don’t manifest and understanding why


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