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Life, Death & The Space Between

Jun 30, 2022

LITTLE VOICES FROM BEYOND with KIERSTEN PARSONS-HATHCOCK     “The biggest lesson I’ve learned is that I have to trust that quiet inner knowing.”

– Kiersten Parsons-Hathcock, medium who channels messages from children from beyond




Episode Summary:


What would you do if you started hearing the voices of murdered children?


Today we talk with Kiersten Parsons-Hathcock, author of Little Voices: How Kids in Spirit Helped a Reluctant Medium Escape and Heal from Abuse.


Kiersten is an award-winning carpenter/furniture designer, and founder of Mod Mom Furniture, a kids’ furniture company featured on ABC's Shark Tank.


She’s also a TEDx speaker and an intuitive medium who works for the National Institute for Law and Justice helping detectives and families uncover truth in missing persons and homicide cases.


Listen in to hear Kiersten’s fascinating journey into channeling the little voices who needed to be heard.



Topics We Discuss:


  • [4:19] How Kiersten’s psychic gifts showed up – as little voices coming to her. She didn’t ask for it; it just happened. 


  • [8:05] What Kiersten experiences when she hears from these children. How she manages what she finds out.


  • [10:11] How the Universe connected Kiersten with law enforcement. She now works with  law enforcement and with parents of lost kids.


  • [12:47]  After the channeled messages from children were validated by law enforcement in the physical world, and Kiersten’s confidence grew, she was able to recall own sexual abuse at age five.


  • [13:46] Kiersten’s accuracy when channeling information about murdered children has increased with experience. She describes her gift as a blessing and a curse.


  • [17:46] How Kiersten’s repressed memories emerged. She eventually confronted her abuser. Later she found herself in extramarital relationship with another abuser. Standing up to an abuser as an adult healed her childhood abuse.


  • [29:40] How Kiersten was groomed by her adult abuser. There were no intuitive warnings at first. But later, she started hearing how she was meant to have that experience, leave it, and write about it.


  • [34:17] How common it is for adults who experienced childhood abuse to repeat experiences as an adult, with an unconscious intention to break the cycle. The psychological and the spiritual come together in a soup of dissociation, mental health and spiritual connection.


  • [37:32] How Kiersten’s little voices guided her, allowing her to safely escape from a potentially dangerous relationship with a predator.   





Find out more about Kiersten’s book on Amazon and wherever books are sold.


Or check out her website.






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