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Life, Death & The Space Between

Mar 31, 2022




“If you are uncomfortable talking about death, you are under the influence of The Death Taboo.” – Judith Johnson




Episode Summary:


Have you ever thought about why death is such a taboo subject in our day to day lives? We all know everyone is born, and everyone dies. Obviously. So why is a birth a reason for joyful celebration and a death seen as a tragedy? How are you feeling right now just hearing about the concept of inevitable death?


In this episode, we talk with Judith Johnson, author, mentor, and educator. Her work draws on degrees in social psychology, spiritual science and business, and wisdom teachings from around the world.


As a mentor, Judith guides clients in dismantling dysfunctional mental and emotional patterns so they can choose to live with profound authenticity and confidence. She also mentors the dying and their loved ones dealing with end-of-life issues.


A deathbed promise to her mother to write about aging and dying in a society with a powerful death taboo, Judith’s third book, Making Peace with Death and Dying: A Practical Guide to Liberating Ourselves From the Death Taboo has just been published. It addresses causes, dynamics, and antidotes to the death taboo.


Listen in to understand how YOU can learn to embrace the concept of death, and live a more joyful and meaningful life as a result.




Topics We Discuss:

  • [4:04]  The “Death Taboo” in current Western society and where it originated historically. Ask yourself how you feel when you hear the word death. Do you feel a contraction? Resistance? Discomfort?


  • [11:00] You don’t have to be old to talk about death! If you are 18 years or older, you can “get your ducks in a row”.  Health care proxy is key.


  • [18:10]  Neurosurgeon Eben Alexander began to shift Western imagery/thoughts around death after having his own spiritually transformative near death experience. (Reference Life, Death and the Space Between episodes #16 and #17, dated 7 February and 11 February, 2019.)


  • [23:15] Tell-tale signs you’re uncomfortable around death, and what to do about it. Check out Primarily: accept the reality of death.


  • [25:50] How the fear of death has infiltrated our collective consciousness because of COVID. Death became more real.


  • [29:01]  Exercises to help you desensitize yourself to the concept of death. Ask yourself:


    • What really matters to me deep in the core of my being?
    • What are the 5 most fervent beliefs that inform how I live my life?
    • Am I pleased with myself as a human being?
    • What is the most profound purpose of my life?
    • Do I think life is precious? Why or why not? How is that apparent to how I live my life?


  • [34:59] Legacy journaling to help kids know where they come from, and fortify their mental health.






Find Judith’s books wherever books are sold. You can follow Judith, and find many of her articles about consciousness, relationships and end of life on her website.






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