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Life, Death and the Space Between

Apr 15, 2019

Ever been stuck in some area of your life and you feel like no matter how much you talk about it you can’t figure out where it came from?  Do you have a physical ailment that you have no recollection of what happened or how? Did you ever have that feeling of familiarity with someone or some situation but no idea how or why?


Michelle Brock is a New York City based spiritual development life coach who specializes in past life regression. She is also an intuitive counselor, a psychic medium, a master hypnotist, and has studied spirituality, shamanism, meditation, divination, astrology, and energy medicine techniques from many different world traditions.


Based on her own experience, including discovering her own past lives and the spiritual journey that resulted, Michelle is an expert guide and a true mentor to anyone who wishes to discover more about their own, true, eternal nature and the spiritual journey over many lifetimes we are all on.


Michelle is a featured author in the book “Miracles Happen: The Transformational Healing Power of Past Life Memories” by Dr. Brian Weiss.


Her work has been featured in several publications including Well+Good, Yahoo!, MindBodyGreen, elephantjournal, and Bustle. She was also featured in an interview on Comedy Central’s hit show “Inside Amy Schumer: Amy Goes Deep With a Psychic.”


We discussed...


  • Past life regressions
  • How past life regressions can be used for healing and growth
  • If there is a difference between or regression or your imagination and does it matter?  
  • Can we be living in simultaneous time?   


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