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Life, Death and the Space Between

Apr 18, 2019

Excited and nervous to share today’s episode with you. One of the goals of this podcast was to be open and brave about topics people might be curious about related to how to understand their life.  Today, in my first solo episode, I am sharing my between life soul regression, which is a mix of a past life regression and a between life regression.

This episode will make more sense if you listen to parts one and two with Robert Schwartz and part three from last week with Michele Brock.


Today you will hear me discuss…

  • My experience with my regression
  • The emotions that I experienced that were completely surprising to me
  • Which part of the regression I found the most valuable


Robert Schwartz discussed

  • Pre-birth planning and what this means
  • Free will and how this plays a role in our lives
  • Robert’s understanding about how “illness,” addiction, death and suffering is a choice and why this is tough for many to understand.  
  • Karma and lessons our lives teach us
  • “if/then” points in your life and what those are
  • Why some people come to this earthly realm knowing that the hardships are lessons while others feel the need to fight it

Michele Brock breaks down…

  • Past life regressions
  • How past life regression can be used for healing and growth?
  • Is there a difference between regression or your imagination?
  • Can we be living in simultaneous time?


These episodes will give you a great basis for what you will hear today.