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Life, Death and the Space Between

Sep 9, 2020

As a Speech-Language Pathologist and Life Coach for more than 25 years, Tsgoyna Tanzman has coached thousands of people in the best brain practices for optimum performance. She draws upon her international life experiences from having worked in Italy and Germany as well as on both the east and west coasts of the United States. She recognizes that world-wide human beings share the same core needs: A purpose to wake up in the morning, to grow and contribute, and to create meaning in their lives. She’s trained with legendary coaching gurus Tony Robbins, Dr. Dawson Church, Brooke Castillo and Mitch Matthews, and is a Master Practitioner of Neurolinguistic Programming. She is the author of the bestseller book, Hope After Stroke for Caregivers and Survivors: The Holistic Guide to Getting Your Life Back. 

In this episode we discuss:

How survivors of any illness can look at and think about Life, Death and The Space Between?

What Holistic means when you are dealing with survivors of any illness? 

How people get their lives back after a devastating illness? 

Why hope might be the most important factor when it comes to healing

A little surprise about NDE'S and other Spiritually transformative experiences.