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Life, Death & The Space Between

Nov 15, 2021

Enveloped in Love  – A Ghost Story 


“I recently began sensing my angels and guides again, and I believe there's such love and support for each and every one of us.” – Life, Death and the Space Between podcast Listener



Episode Summary:


A granddaughter shares her experiences growing up as a Christian, playing with angels, and being taught that Christianity was an elitist club, where only a very few would get into heaven. The rest would end up in the eternal torment of hell.


She adored her grandmother who was spunky and fun, loved to sing and dance, and loved people. She cried at every single episode of touched by an angel. However, she wasn't a Christian.


After her grandmother passed suddenly and unexpectedly, she feared for her grandmother’s soul. But her grandmother reassured her from the other side that she was ok, in a place of incredible love, and completely safe. The message came with an overwhelming sense of peace, light, and love she describes as, “a cloud of beautiful colors, this most serene sense of love”.




Do You Have a Ghost Story?


Ghost Stories is a way for listeners to tell their amazing stories of the metaphysical.  If you have a great story to tell, something similar to this, contact you have had with your loved one who has passed, or any other mystical experience please reach out:  Tell me your story so we can feature it on the show. 




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