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Life, Death & The Space Between

Oct 8, 2020

This episode with Keith Anthony Blanchard explores our understanding of the soul.  

Keith is the Founder and Host for Center of Light Radio whose listening audience now reaches 5 million. Keith is the author of several books, including his original book which is now a best seller, "The Divine Principle: Anchoring Heaven on Earth” and his most recent book Homecoming: Crossing the Bridge to the Soul.  As a spiritual teacher, Keith is remarkable in his naturally sincere love and acceptance of all people which is palpable to those who connect with him. When speaking to a live audience, Keith brings his gift of deep intuition to attune the conversation to the most immediate needs and desires of his audience. As a live presenter and spiritual leader, his broad and vast spiritual wisdom and background enlightens and resonates with a wide range of spiritual seekers and Light Workers. 

Born in Houma, Louisiana, and currently residing in Memphis, Tennessee, Mr. Blanchard is a devoted father and enjoys a life-long career as a professional musician in both contemporary music and with his spiritual band, LavenderSoul. 

In this episode: 

Keith shares his story

He explains his theory on the 4 selves

Keith explains tests given to the soul which leads to the soul generating experience and soul reflections

How he defined G/D?

What defines fear

The universal laws that govern us

What Keith means when he talks about this quote  “Birth’s intention is to not be born again and death’s intention is to never die again.  The intentions of both are the same--to give you every change to consciously unify with ALL that is.”