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Life, Death & The Space Between

Oct 21, 2021

Connecting to Your Higher Self with Elyse Cathrea 


“We always have the opportunity to learn and grow from what’s happening to us.” – Elyse Cathrea



Episode Summary:


Do you ever feel disconnected, stuck and frustrated in your everyday life? Do you ever wonder, if this what it's supposed to be like?  Do you wish you felt more connected to your life?


In this episode, we talk with Elyse Cathrea, an intuitive life and wellness coach whose natural intuitive abilities evolved completely organically. What started as an intuitive sense of knowing evolved into seeing spirits and energies. Elyse’s unique talents allow her to work with you by channeling YOUR higher self, to ultimately help you feel excited about creating a life you are connected to.


Listen in to understand how you might find yourself on a more spiritual path in your own life.



Topics We Discuss:

  • The difference between claircognizance (the intuitive sense of knowing) and your brain just thinking.
  • The practice of automatic writing to tune into your higher self, how you might recognize the voice of your higher self, and mental blocks that might get in your way.
  • How to differentiate your higher self (your own consciousness) vs. spirit guides and energies that spend time with you from other realms or other dimensions to support you.
  • The spiritual experience of being in nature, being near water, being near trees, connecting to something greater than yourself.
  • Our spirit, our soul comes down to this earth to learn lessons; that is the human experience.
  • How Elyse tunes into your higher self to deliver the guidance and messages you most need to hear for your own growth, and to feel inspired and aligned with your life.
  • The mind-body connection and how to merge both ways of living.



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