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Life, Death & The Space Between

Jul 22, 2021

Overcoming Diversity with Burn Survivor Samuel Moore-Sobel 


“This isn’t the face I wanted. This isn’t the story I wanted. But it’s what happened...  It took a good eight years not to see my scars as objects of shame or ugliness, but to see them as triumph, to see them as survival.” - Samuel Moore-Sobel, Burn Survivor


Episode Summary:


How would it feel to look at yourself in a mirror and literally not recognize yourself? What if you were literally looking at an image you do not recognize?  Who are we when we no longer recognize ourselves?   


In this episode, we talk with Samuel Moore-Sobel -- author, speaker, and columnist. His memoir, “Can You See My Scars?” is the story of a harrowing encounter with sulfuric acid, trauma, and severe burns.  He tells his story of his experience as a 15 year old burn survivor, a series of surgeries, his PTSD, his journey through intertwined physical and mental healing.


Listen in to understand how convert any experience of trauma into a sense of triumph and strength, ultimately making meaning. Everyone is walking around with scars – some seen, some invisible.


Topics We Discuss:


  • The circumstances of his tragic, painful and traumatic accident with sulfuric acid – and the immediate emergency medical treatment to wash the acid off of his body.
  • Growing up overnight, and attempting to return to a new normal through many years and a dozen surgeries to recover physically.
  • Emotional and psychological healing necessary in parallel to physical healing.
  • How his story has helped other people find meaning in their lives after trauma.
  • Transformation from victim to seeing scars as a beautiful part of who you are.



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