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Life, Death & The Space Between

May 20, 2021

“Bless those who curse you.” --- Pierre Pradervand



A true world citizen, Pierre Pradervand has laboured a great deal of his life for social justice, living in or visiting 40 countries on every continent. From his Geneva home, Pierre is now active as a writer, speaker and workshop facilitator, helping people to live simpler, yet richer, more contented lives. His workshops provide personal development tools that empower attendees to strengthen their internal anchors and advance on their spiritual path. Pierre is also an independent celebrant for weddings, burials and other events.


His books include, “365 Blessings to Heal Yourself and the World”, “The Gentle Art of Blessing”, and “Messages of Life from Death Row”.



Today we hold a conversation from my living room in Chicago to his home in Switzerland. Our topics:


  • How his journey began with the sentiment, “Bless those who curse you.” 
  • What blessing looks like: sending focused heart energy, sending love
  • Instantaneous healings resulting from his practice of blessing from the heart
  • How asking for help with deep sincerity can dissolve anger and other unpleasant emotions
  • The kingdom of g/d is that place within us, the place of infinite abundance, unlimited peace and constant joy
  • How integrity is the foundation stone of any life
  • How being truthful to yourself, of your deepest desires, leads to your spiritual path
  • Obstacles to living in one’s integrity include medieval concepts concocted by male theologians
  • Differences between blessing, prayer, and a gratitude practice