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Life, Death & The Space Between

Apr 18, 2022

A Heart Full of Love – A Ghost Story   


“There is always the possibility for magic to happen in your life.”    – Dr. Amy Robbins


Episode Summary:


This beautiful story, close to Dr. Amy Robbins’ heart, was written by Amy’s own Aunt Bonnie.


Aunt Bonnie tells about the family’s sad loss of her beloved niece Jorie to bone cancer at the tender age of 12. Just before her passing, Jorie’s parents asked what sign they should look for. Jorie made the shape of a heart with her hands as she took her final breaths.


Tune in to hear how Jorie not only delivered her hearts, but spoke to Aunt Bonnie on the very day of her own father’s funeral, saying “Aunt Bonnie, I have your dad.”



Do You Have a Ghost Story?


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