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Life, Death & The Space Between

Jan 31, 2019

After over 30 years as a practicing Clinical Psychologist and a professor of Clinical Psychology in Chicago, Dr. Kathy Goggin, currently works at Creating Pathways Farm where she integrates her long term practice of psychotherapy, spirituality and equine therapy to treat people.

Although Dr. Goggin’s professional work has historically been focused on the ‘regular’ practice of clinical psychology, she has always maintained an interest in traditional healing practices and the intersection of mind-body-spirit in resolving distress and creating health.

This includes her deep curiosity about the spectrum of human consciousness and Buddhist philosophy, quantum physics and the practices of indigenous peoples around the world.

Dr. Goggin was one of my greatest teachers and a huge support and proponent of my exploration of spirituality and I am looking forward to our conversation.

In this episode, we discuss...

 Spiritual bypassing and the potential pitfalls

  How you can avoid spiritual bypassing?

  How you might unknowingly be spiritual bypassing in your life?  

  The difference between pain and suffering.    

  The intersection of spirituality and psychology.