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Life, Death & The Space Between

Jan 24, 2019

A catalyst for inspired and connected living, Ariana Garrett is a master energy therapist, relationship and spiritual embodiment coach, and meditation teacher with over 25 years experience in transformational and healing arts.

Ariana’s work synthesizes leading edge psycho-spiritual practices, as well as the timeless wisdom and healing methods of the East and West to create an integrated path of healing, awakening, and embodiment. Ariana has extensive training in Spiritual Psychology, Meditation (27+ years daily practice and teaching certification), Hospice Counseling Certification, Energy Healing and Energy Psychology.

It is my honor to welcome a teacher that I have had the great privilege of learning from to the show.

Today we are going to spend some time digging into the the concept of the soul.

-The concept of a soul

- How we know a soul exists?

- How we know what it is our soul wants us to do?

-Is our soul on the right path?

-What is a soul tribe?

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