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Life, Death and the Space Between

Aug 26, 2021

Tools for Your Life with Bridget Finklaire


“Consciousness is the key to human evolution.”

        -- Bridget Finklaire



Episode Summary:


What is consciousness? What is awareness? What are sacred geometries in nature?


Weaving together the threads of her spiritual and professional journeys, Bridget Finklaire designed "The Bone Circle" - a unique, transformative and life-changing programme that ties together three significant areas of expertise:

  • Intuition and creating,
  • the sacred and the metaphysical, and
  • therapy and healing


Her new fictional and loosely biographical novel, Red Dress, is out now.  A relatable story of a stressed out working mom on a spiritual path, a journey within to finding self. While reading a fun novel, you hear about , the story offers insights into spiritual tools – acupuncture, energetic clearings, balance


Listen in to understand how Bridget Finklaire views the universe as vibration, love and energy – and how she sees the future of science and spirituality. How science is catching up. The qa


Topics We Discuss:

  • Awareness is becoming conscious of your thoughts, your words, your actions, what you do, how it affects you, how it affects others and the world!
  • Working with women to empower and raise awareness is key to our evolution.
  • It’s all about vibration – and love is the highest vibration. Light and matter have a frequency and a vibration.
  • When you have conscious awareness and feel deeply, your vibration is higher, then you attract more of that same energy.
  • When you feel good you feel vibrant. When you’re feeling badly, you don’t.
  • Spiritual awakening is almost always a string of fleeting moments of awareness – like appreciating morning bird songs, or morning sunlight. It’s almost never “the big trumpet call”.
  • Acceptance is a key step in the process of healing.As is choice.
  • Tools to keep moving forward and process feelings of grief, sadness, depression, emotional pain…
  • Schumann Resonance – the frequency of the Earth’s energy. Why we feel better when we spend time in nature. Nature is in harmony with the Schumann resonance.The importance getting away from our Wi-Fi, our mobile phones, in favor of spending time in nature.
  • Sacred mathematics behind creation reflected in structures, numbers and geometries in nature. Fibonacci numbers. Golden ratio.


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