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Life, Death and the Space Between

Nov 11, 2021

THE QUANTUM BRAIN with Dr. Amit Goswami 


“Quantum entanglement aka quantum correlation is the integration of science and spirituality.” – Theoretical Quantum Physicist Dr. Amit Goswami




Episode Summary:


Have you ever wanted to find a bridge between science and spirituality? Does your intuition tell you it’s not a hard “either/or”?


In this episode, we talk with theoretical quantum physicist Dr. Amit Goswami who was a physics professor at the University of Oregon from 1968 to 1997, and has appeared in the movies “What the Bleep Do We Know?”, “Dalai Lama Renaissance” and the award winning documentary, “The Quantum Activist”.


Dr. Goswami is a revolutionary amongst a growing body of renegade scientists who in recent years have ventured into the domain of the spiritual in an attempt to both interpret the seemingly inexplicable findings of curious experiments, and to validate intuition about the existence of a spiritual dimension of life.  His new book, “The Quantum Brain” is out now.


Listen in to understand how Dr. Goswami bridges the chasm between quantum physics and conscious awareness.


Today We Discuss:

  • A basic concept in quantum physics is that there are multiple waves of possibilities. Quantum objects are waves of possibilities. When they are observed they become experience.
  • When we observe something, we are choosing to collapse the object into a certain state.
  • What we perceive as stationary – the Newtonian reality we are all familiar with – is not really stationary. Rather, apparently stationary objects are moving very slowly – much too slowly for us to perceive any motion. Which is why we can share experiences with others and how we develop a consensus reality.
  • Our experience creates a convenient but inaccurate notion about reality. Our experiences create our reality; there is nothing in the world until we experienced it.
  • The crucial question: How do we apply quantum physics to our everyday life?
  • Quantum entanglement - when two quantum objects become essentially one and share information without signals being exchanged over space and time.
    • This concept was verified with a space experiment in France in 1982. And of course by the experience of mystics 7,000 years ago, starting in India and then spreading to China, Greece, the Middle-East, and perhaps the America's in the hands of the shamans.
    • This is where quantum science connects with mysticism, where it connects with spirituality. This is signal-less togetherness, spontaneous non-local togetherness; or in spirituality - Oneness.
    • Quantum entanglement or quantum correlation is the integration of science and spirituality.
  • Quantum Leap occurs when electrons make a transition from one atomic orbit to another. The notion of quantum leap comes into play with the experiences of intuition and insight, that feeling in the gut so compelling, so convincing that you know that you have seen truth.
  • Changing brain behavior so that we are better able to choose a particular outcome. Through meditation we become the boss of our brain, vs the other way around. To learn creativity we have to take charge of the brain’s automatic responses through alternating between meditation and relaxation. Focus and then relax.
  • Transport potential - Nonlocal transfer of information between two meditating brains.  We are capable of quantum non-locality, and we are ultimately a non-local consciousness.
  • Why traditional quantum physicists are not open to these concepts – due to pressure from the establishment to support the official position of the American physical society.
  • How to live a quantum life
    • The ultimate problem is that the brain evolved over millions and millions of years, and the conditioned response builds on itself.
    • The persona “me” that I present to society gains strength over a lifetime.
    • To move toward conscious awareness, and perception of reality, we need to maintain a lifestyle conducive to that state. We need to surround ourselves with things of love, things of beauty, and positive relationships; and not pay attention to all the negativity of the world.
  • “The Seven I’s” for manifestation -- Inspiration, Intention, Intuition, Imagination, Incubation, Insight, Implementation






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