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Life, Death and the Space Between

Aug 8, 2019

Theresa Cheung is a Sunday Times bestselling author in the fields of spirituality, heaven, the science of the paranormal and the afterlife. Born into a family of spiritualists, she has over two decades experience, both personal and professional, boasting a Master’s degree in Theology and English from King’s College Cambridge.

Theresa has had her work featured in the Daily Mail most recently with her latest book The Premonition Code and bestseller Answers from Heaven. She has also been the newspapers dreams expert, interviewed by Russell Brand on his podcast Under the Skin and in the Sunday Mirror, the Daily Express, Good Morning Britain and Talk Radio, among others.

We discuss: 

The difference between a precognition vs premonition?

Research on premonition

Causal loops and future push/pull

The elements of a premonition

The difference between a premonition and using your thoughts to help determine a future outcome

Negative precognitions and the ability to change the outcome of them.