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Life, Death & The Space Between

Nov 3, 2022


“This is like free therapy every night. If you can remember your dreams, capture them and write them down, you can bring them into your therapy session, but you can also work with your partner, with your friends in a dream circle -- to unravel and unpack the meanings and the messages from your dreams -- you get a real jumpstart on moving forward in your life.“ [19:47] – Linda Yael Schiller


“Even Carl Jung famously said he needed help interpreting his own dreams. We all have blind spots. None of us can see the back of our own heads… so working in therapy or with others in a dream group is key to being able to unpack  the whole dream.” [28:14] – Linda Yael Schiller





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Do you or someone you care for suffer from PTSD, that is, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder? 

Today, the PTSD label is more common than ever.


In today’s episode, we talk with Linda Yael Schiller, MSW, LICSW, a psychotherapist, consultant, supervisor, and trainer in Watertown, Massachusetts. Linda integrates traditional therapeutic styles and techniques with expressive energy psychology, and body-based modalities, providing support for healing at all levels of the self: mind, body, heart, and spirit. 


Her philosophy of treatment incorporates both deep healing at the source and practical coaching for daily life issues and dilemmas.


Linda also works deeply with dreamwork, and offers a group dream circle, individual consultation, and training for professionals on working with dreams. Linda’s book is “PTS Dreams: Transform your Nightmares through Healing Dreamwork”.


Listen in to hear how to transform PTSD using dreamwork. 

Topics We Discuss:


  • [0:25] Amy introduces Linda and her credentials and the modalities of work. 


  • [2:43] Dreams vs. nightmares. They all “rinse out” our experiences, and an opportunity for deep healing from this life and perhaps previous lifetimes. Dream components: storyline, setting, and emotional narrative.


  • [8:07] Trauma vs PTSD. “Big T” trauma, vs. “Little T” trauma. The extent to which we’re supported, believed, and accepted following trauma influences long-term effects.


  • [14:04] Trauma-based nightmare vs. a “normal” nightmare. Normal childhood development can bring on “normal” nightmares.


  • [18:21] What if I don’t remember my dreams? We all have 5-7 REM cycles overnight. We all have access to free therapy if we just unravel and unpack our dreams, perhaps in a dream circle with friends. 


  • [20:48] The fragile fabric of dreams. How to remember your dreams. 


  • [23:13] Linda uses a layered approach to unpack and interpret dreams using the acronym PRDS. (Based on the Biblical Hebrew word Pardes, meaning "orchard" or "garden”.) Dream interpretation is very personal, not something you can look up in a book. A therapist cannot tell you what your dream means, but they can help you find the deeper layers of meaning. 


  • [33:48] How vivid, luminous, long-remembered dreams may be considered visitations. Amy’s own experiences with dream visitations. 


  • [37:00] Amy’s speed round questions: What is spirituality? What is something people don’t know about you? What is one thing you’re looking forward to right now? What’s one thing you’re deeply grateful for? What book is on your nightstand? What is your favorite spiritual or healing practice? What is the most spiritually transformative experience of your life?


Find Linda on Facebook, on LinkedIn, and at her website. Her book, “PTS Dreams: Transform your Nightmares through Healing Dreamwork” is available wherever books are sold. 


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