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Life, Death & The Space Between

May 9, 2019

How do we make sense of life when we are faced with something difficult? What kind of light can we make out of darkness?

Today, Barri Leiner Grant is her to tell us how she has manage to transform the loss of her mother into something very meaningful, in this new segment, Making Meaning.

Barri is an author, stylist, yogi and self-proclaimed memory maker.

For over two decades, Grant has established herself in the editorial and commercial markets—prepping, propping and conceptualizing everything from well-curated trend stories to memorable interior design shoots. Leading architects, photographers interior designers and leading retailers to help personalize their design work often tap her.

It is this kind of story telling that led her to create The Memory Circle.

After losing her mom Ellen suddenly in 1993, at the age of 50, Barri has had a spiritual connection to those who have experienced loss and grief.

The Memory Circle is a community and events created to bring grief stories to light.

To sit shoulder to shoulder with those who have experienced loss, so that no one is ever alone in the journey.

“I am on a mission. To bring grief out of the shadows -- and out from under a cloak of sadness.” Barri believes our lost loved ones should be celebrated, talked about and remembered. And that sharing grief should not be experienced in whispers.

Leiner Grant has served as a contributor to CS Interiors, Chicago Magazine, Crain’s, Michigan Avenue Magazine, The Chicago Tribune and Country Living Magazine.