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Life, Death & The Space Between

Jun 8, 2023

How well can you keep your spirits up in the face of hardship?


Today we talk with Amanda Kloots, a ray of sunshine, former Broadway Dancer and Radio City Rockette, fitness instructor, and author who encourages people to live their lives to the fullest.


Amanda’s late husband, Nick, died in 2020 from Covid and co-infections. Listen in to hear all about his death and legacy, as well as how she stayed positive in the face of death, and parenting after loss.

Topics We Discuss:


  • [2:30] Amanda’s grief and loss experience losing her husband. He got sick during the pandemic and then caught hospital infections that ultimately took over him 95 days later.


  • [5:39] How Amanda’s positivity kept her going even when doctors told her on multiple occasions that her husband was going to die in an hour.


  • [10:14] The power of love. Amanda would sing, dance, and encourage her husband whenever she was able to see him and she could tell it boosted his spirits.


  • [12:54] Nick’s legacy. His story caught the world’s attention because he fought for so long to make sure Amanda and their son Elvis would be okay. Amanda and Elvis were able to move into a new home. She and Nick’s mom became very close, and Nick died a rock star like he always wanted to be.


  • [15:52] Amanda’s family support. Her siblings, especially her brother, really stepped up to help her and take care of her and Elvis after Nick died. It impacted their familial relationships deeply.


  • [19:10] Signs, synchronicities, Biblical ties, and beliefs. Milestones of his illness coincided with Biblical days like Easter weekend. Nick’s energy swept over Elvis on a few occasions. Amanda talks to him and dreams about him. Mediums have described Nick’s energy field to Amanda and it’s been the same as what she’s seen.


  • [27:02] Parenting a toddler who lost a parent. Amanda tries to keep Nick present in their lives by talking about him with Elvis. Her new children’s book is a great tool to talk to kids about death and loss. She is sure that Elvis dreams about Nick and encourages others to go to sleep intending to see their loved one.


  • [32:29] Amanda’s grief journey. Losing a spouse is a lifelong journey, especially when you are left to parent a child you once shared. Her philosophy has become to just do and go for things because you never know what could happen.


  • [34:39] Nick’s song “Live Your Life”. Amanda helped him write the lyrics because he couldn’t figure it out on his own. It took on a whole new meaning after he died.





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